Website Audit Services

Website Audit Services

Looking to find out where your website is failing you? Then you’re in the right place. Our website auditing service provides you with a fully actionable report that condenses hours of research. You’ll be able to implement the changes yourself or hand over the report to any digital marketing agency.

Website Audit Service Overview

Auditing your website can save you time and money. Knowing what is working and isn’t working on your website along is crucial to its sucuess.

In your site audit you will receive:

  • A website speed audit with recommendations – Speed is now one of the most important aspects of ranking on Google. We’ll review the current load time of your website in detail and provide recommendations on how to improve speed.

  • On page optimisation review – We’ll review 5 of your most important pages on site to determine whether you are making it clear to Google what you want to rank for. We’ll provide you with recommendations of things to change and provide you direction on what search queries your website’s users are most likely to search in Google.

  • Off-site SEO factors review – We will take a look at important things like how many backlinks your website has and compare you to your biggest competitors. Discover what it takes to make your website rank in Google even the things that you can’t change on your website itself.

  • Technical SEO review – We will check that Google can even see your website, whether it’s easy for them to crawl your website and index all of your content. In addition, we’ll review things like on-site markup and technical factors that may impact your rankings. We’ll put all your websites bugs out in the open ready to be squished.

  • A summary of changes required – We’ll pull everything together from your whole site audit into a single page of the most important actions to take next. Even if you’re the busiest of business owners you’ll be able to review this summary and understand exactly what is going wrong for your website on Google.

Seo Expert Daniel Lawman

“Online competition is at an all-time high and growing each year. Making sure your website is usable and can be found is paramount to success ”

Daniel Lawman

Relationship Build In The Inbox

We help build relationships. Email marketing is about creating relationships with both customers and potential customers. Building trust and authority.

Built Mobile Friendly

Keeping those emails flowing on a regular basis and having an active list is vital. We create email schedules and implement them on your behalf.

Cross Device Tested

Most emails are opened on mobile devices and not every device behaves the same. We ensure emails display optimally on all devices.

Website Auditing With These Facts At Front Of Mind

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load.

47% of Users expect a maximum of 2 seconds loading time for an average website.

Always On Time Or Your Money Back

We know the importance of hitting deadlines, we’ll agree a delivery date upfront and guarantee on time delivery. No matter if you need a campaign for a new product launch or a special event, we’ll deliver on time or you’ll get your money back and the work delivered free of charge.



Here are some common questions about Chesterfield Digital Email service.


How much will it cost?

This all depends on your requirements, but prices start from around £100 and vary dramatically. Some factors that increase pricing are:

  • Number of emails to send
  • Complexity of email design
  • If you need us to help capture new emails
  • How frequently you send emails

We’ll help you make the right decisions on all of the above. We have one goal in mind for every client, prove a positive return on investment and make them as much money as possible.

We want to show you the power of email marketing!


How long will it take?

We’re used to working under pressure and will always deliver as quickly as possible, we’ll never charge you more for a ‘quick’ delivery.

Delivery time will depend primarily on the level of complexity of your project and our currently scheduled work. If you have a deadline that can’t move get in touch ASAP and we’ll let you know within 24 hours if we can help.

In the past we’ve setup campaigns in as little as 24 hours for clients.


What email service do you use?

There are a wide range of email services available from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign. We can advise which is best for your business and help get it setup, you’ll own the account fully so if you want to switch agency in the future you’re in full control.


Can you guarantee results?

Email marketing results depend primarily on the quality of your email list so we can’t guarantee results.

We do however measure list growth, engagement and email by email statistics to continually improve your email marketing return on investment.


How does payment work?

All work is completed with a minimum of 50% payment upfront with the remaining upon delivery.  The only additional cost is for the email service provider you choose to use, which is paid directly to them not us.

We’ve found that the most convenient payment method for most clients is direct bank transfer. UK based clients will normally see payments process in 4 hours or less.

If you’d prefer an alternative payment method just let us know.

Every Day You Delay Means A smaller List

Do you already have traffic coming to your website? If so then every single day that you don’t have methods setup to effectively capture email addresses you are wasting money. Discuss with us today how we can kick start your email marketing and start growing your list.